Mental Health Awareness Month

October brings to light the importance of mental health and well-being. We continue to prioritise overall wellness, including psychological, emotional, and social, particularly in a shared work environment. 💚

We have worked closely with Tj Power, Mind Consultant and Co-Founder of Neurify, throughout this year. The team's perspective on how to approach mental health as a whole has been profoundly influenced by Tj's insightful new perspective on a number of mental health issues.

We encourage you and everyone to remember that your mental health is a priority; here are some tips below. 🙌

🏆 Celebrate all wins. No matter how small, always remember to acknowledge and appreciate all of your accomplishments! Self-recognition is key to a positive mindset.

📆 Create and stick to a schedule. It's one thing to plan out your day, it's another to stick to the to-do list! Push yourself to hit those daily goals and strike them off to feel productive and efficient.

⏰ Block time out for breaks throughout your day. Ensuring you set aside time for hobbies and rest is key to a healthy mind and body! Put yourself first.

❤️ Remind yourself that it's okay to ask for help. Reaching out for help is always okay. Allow yourself to get the help you need for whatever it may be!

✨ What are some of your favourite mental health tips? Share with us in the comments below and tag anyone who would benefit from seeing this.