Social Value Policy

Altum Group has created an infrastructure and supportive communities to provide social value which is closely linked with our company growth. We are committed to:  
Employment and Skills: 
  • Enabling local people to obtain the skills needed to access employment through work with our partners, Resurgo 
  • Providing our employees with new skills for the future through extensive training and development programmes 
  • Removing barriers to employment for underrepresented and disadvantaged groups through out recruitment practices and work with charity partners 
Local Business & Economy 
  • Procuring goods and services locally where possible 
  • Supporting small, medium, micro-sized businesses, social enterprises and minority owned businesses to improve capability and grow sustainably through our tailored recruitment agreements 
Community Engagement: 
  • Carrying out volunteering activities that deliver benefits to local communities, for example our staff volunteer with Resurgo multiple times throughout the year 
Health & Wellbeing 
  • Supporting our employees to live healthier lives through gym membership options, fitness studio access and health and wellbeing training 
  • Using resources efficiently to reduce waste and maximise value 
  • Promoting sustainable and ethical procurement 
Governance, Measurement & Reporting 
  • Maintaining clear accountability for delivering this policy 
  • Monitoring and reporting our environmental impact through our monitoring by Ecovadis 
  • Continuously improving our standards, efficiency and effectiveness 

We will communicate this policy to our employees, partners and relevant interested parties and review it on an annual basis. 

David McDowell, Co-CEO and Ed Nash-Steer, Co-CEO